real Kombucha Takes time

Kombucha is a passion for us, in fact we are purists when it comes to the ancient brew, our hand-crafted, fermented beverage is brought to life using old, traditional methods and techniques. This means our brews take longer than most, in fact we won't release a bottle for a minimum of 8 weeks!

You can experience the quality of the brew by our unique flavour profile that is described as "the real Kombucha". 

We do not pasteurise, we do not use any tricks, chemicals or sulfates to preserve our brew and just like our ancestors we do not need a fridge!  Many people wonder "How this is possible?"  A lot of practice, research and dedication. 

Kombucha is fast becoming the go to drink, it fits with any occasion, it really does, because we don't always drink alcohol to enjoy social occasions and a juice isn't always suitable and there is only so much coffee and tea one can have. With Tonicka's handcrafted perfection, it's a fermented delight that is changing the social "drink". 


330ml Lemon, Lime & Ginger 

330ml Mixed Berry & Spice

330ml Traditional & Original

330ml Elderflower

330ml Chai Fusion

330ml Vanilla Cola