How does 1 + 1 = 3? And when does 1 + 1 = 3?

Illogical and unlikely perhaps, but sometimes the most magical experiences don't quite make sense. Well not at first anyway. So 1 + 1 = 3. Or, as the formula is also known in mixing circles – 'You plus Schweppes equals an incredible mix'. Today the art of creating that perfect mix, that transformation from ordinary to extraordinary, continues with Schweppes. Put the theory to the test and marvel at the results.


1.25L Traditional Cream Soda
1.25L Dry Ginger Ale
1.25L Lemonade
1.25L Lemon Lime Mineral Water
1.25L Natural Mineral Water
1.25L Orange & Mango Mineral Water
1.25L Passiona
1.25L Traditional Raspberry
1.25L Sunkist
1.25L Solo
1.25L Solo Lemon Lime
1.25L Soda Water
1.25L Traditional Lemonade
1.25L Tonic Water
1.25L Pepsi
1.25L Pepsi MAX

600ml Traditional Cream Soda
600ml Traditional Ginger Beer
600ml Lemonade
600ml Traditional Lime
600ml Passiona
600ml Raspberry
600ml Sunkist
600ml Solo Lemon Lime
600ml Solo
600ml Traditional Lemonade
600ml Pepsi
600ml Pepsi MAX
600ml Mountain Dew

375ml Lemonade
375ml Lemon Lime Mineral Water
375ml Orange & Mango Mineral Water
375ml Passiona
375ml Sunkist
375ml Solo Lemon Lime
375ml Solo
375ml Mountain Dew
375ml Pepsi
375ml Pepsi MAX

300ml Dry Ginger Ale
300ml Lemonade
300ml Lemon Lime Mineral Water
300ml Lemon Lime Bitters
300ml Natural Mineral Water
300ml Orange & Mango Mineral Water
300ml Soda Water
300ml Tonic Water