The history of Saxbys Soft Drinks starts with the story of one man: George Saxby.

A stonemason by trade, an ambitious young George Saxby migrated from County Kent, England to Sydney in 1857 looking for opportunity. After boarding a coastal trader to the Manning River he soon found it in the up and coming Taree district.

George soon went to work, displaying an energy and enterprise that made him one of the most important pioneers of the Taree community. He would go on to start the region’s first newspaper, serve as a local government councillor and even become the Mayor of Taree for two terms. George’s most significant contribution to the area, however, was the creation of the drinks company that would later become known as Saxbys Soft Drinks.

Combining his life-long fascination at the chemistry of aerated waters with his entrepreneurial spirit, a 27-year-old George Saxby established his first drinks factory at Chatham, just near Taree. Named “George Saxby, Manning River”, the factory was created to brew his now-famous Ginger Beer in large wooden casks, before being packaged in ceramic bottles, which were filled and corked by hand. Once a batch was completed, small floats would take cases of these bottles to Taree Wharf, where they were dispatched to shops in the local area, usually by wheelbarrow.  

From these modest beginnings, Saxbys Soft Drinks is now in its fifth generation and George Saxby’s delicious range of soft drinks, from a wide range of flavours to his original Ginger Beer recipe, are now enjoyed Australia wide.


330ml SAX. Cream Soda
330ml SAX. Lemon Squash
330ml SAX. Lime
330ml SAX. Passionfruit
330ml SAX. Pineapple
330ml SAX. Pink Lemonade
330ml SAX. Raspberry
330ml SAX. Mandarin Lime