Sam’s Juice


Sam's Vitamin Juice is filling the void left by declining sales within the functional water market - such as Nutrient Water. Consumers still want their "vitamin hit" but not through sugared flavoured and coloured water. 

The carrier of the vitamins for Sam's is 100% fruit juice, no colours, no flavours, just fruit juice - the healthier alternative that consumers are wanting. 

Sam's lemonade

Sam's lemonade is a traditional non carbonated lemonade. A healthy refreshing beverage that uses real fruit juice tapping into the growing demand for healthy non carbonated beverages. 

Sam's Lunch

Is unique within the market place and is positioned as a healthy meal replacement beverage. Again its an honest product, we have brought back of the label marketing to the front of the label to re enforce this concept - its more than just a smoothie.


375ml Sam's Berry Apple
375ml Sam's Apple juice
375ml Sam's Fruit Salad
375ml Sam's Green Lunch
375ml Sam's Lunch
375ml Sam's Orange
375ml Sam's Pineapple