Sam’s Juice


Sam's Vitamin Juice is filling the void left by declining sales within the functional water market - such as Nutrient Water. Consumers still want their "vitamin hit" but not through sugared flavoured and coloured water. 

The carrier of the vitamins for Sam's is 100% fruit juice, no colours, no flavours, just fruit juice - the healthier alternative that consumers are wanting. 

Sam's Lunch

Is unique within the market place and is positioned as a healthy meal replacement beverage. Again its an honest product, we have brought back of the label marketing to the front of the label to re enforce this concept - its more than just a smoothie.


375ml Sam's Berry Apple
375ml Sam's Apple juice
375ml Sam's Fruit Salad
375ml Sam's Green Lunch
375ml Sam's Fruit Lunch
375ml Sam's Orange
375ml Sam's Pineapple
375ml Sam's Apple Guava
375ml Sam's All Day Brekky