DIETZ Organic Iced Tea


We love good things. For the past 60 years, we therefore create beverages that we prefer to drink ourselves – now we created Diet teaz. Our passion for excellent products is reflected in our Dietz teaz too – we always focus on the best quality possible. Our priority is to produce tasty ice tea unlike anything else on the market. In order to be able to fill the colorful bottles with an unique flavour of freshly brewed tea, our teaz are produced in a specially developed brewing process. In cooperation with Tee Gschwendner, we use whole tea leaves that are brewed just like in your cup at home and refine the tea with our organic fruit juices. Then we sweeten them with organic agave syrup. That’s the secret of our four versions of freshly brewed, 100% organic and vegan ice teas. 

...because your’re already sweet enough.


330ml Glass bottle Dietz Organic Passion Fruit Rooibos Tea

330ml Glass bottle Dietz Organic Cranberry Black Tea

330ml Glass bottle Dietz Organic Lemon Ginger Green Tea

330ml Glass bottle Dietz Organic Peppermint Matcha Tea