Forged in the heartland of the Illawarra, as the name suggests, Steel City Beverage Company is a family created and owned business of over 40 years that prides itself on the  principle of ‘customer first’ service. From humble beginnings servicing the central Wollongong region, Steel City has flourished, crafting strong links to the South Coast, Highlands, and Sydney Metropolitan area. Over the years, through the development of a dependable distribution network, we have established a truly national offering using partner distributors and wholesalers, including the Metcash Cross-Stock system which now allows us to service over 1600 stores nationally. Irrespective of the size and scale of your business, Steel City's focus revolves around treating all our customers with the same level of respect and devotion.

In keeping with the theme of balancing the old with the new, Steel City stocks and distributes a wide assortment of beverage options ranging from the traditional favorites through to the latest boutique products – all at the finest possible prices. With a view toward continuous improvement, the company also embarked on the development of an in-house children’s fruit drink range, Surprise 5! The line represents a world first value proposition that combines the creative packaging of child amusements in a nutritious and environmentally conscious product and currently consists of 5 popular flavors - Apple Blackcurrant, Blueberry, Lime, Orange and Raspberry. More recently, Steel City Beverage expanded its product offering to include the SPARKLING ICE line of products - Bold Sparkling Waters, Sparkling Lemonades and Sparkling Iced Teas. 

With a vision aimed at taking customer choice, quality and care in the beverage industry into a new era by blending fresh concepts and products with good old fashioned values and principles, Steel City hopes to establish a unique and personalized offering for our most prized asset – our consumers!

Proud Australian distributor of soft drinks and beverages from the Illawarra - Wollongong Region.